Helpers for visual debugging of scenes.

This module contains a collection of WorldObjects that can be useful when debugging a scene or to create reference points within a scene.

AxesHelper([size, thickness])

A WorldObject to indicate the scene's axes.

GridHelper([size, divisions, color1, ...])

A WorldObject that shows a grid-shaped wireframe.

BoxHelper([size, thickness, color])

A WorldObject that shows a box-shaped wireframe.

TransformGizmo([object, screen_size])

Gizmo to manipulate a WorldObject.

PointLightHelper([size, geometry, color])

Light source indicator for point lights.

DirectionalLightHelper([ray_length, color, ...])

Light source indicator for directional lights.


Light source indicator for spot lights.


A Stats helper which displays performance statistics such as FPS and draw time on the screen.

SkeletonHelper(wobject[, thickness])

A helper object to assist with visualizing a Skeleton