Utility functions for pygfx.


A representation of color (in the sRGB colorspace).

load.load_mesh(path[, remote_ok])

Load mesh(es) from a file.

load.load_meshes(path[, remote_ok])

Load meshes from a file.

load.load_scene(path[, flatten, meshes, ...])

Load file into a scene.[, up, canvas, renderer, ...])

Display a WorldObject

show.Display([canvas, renderer, controller, ...])

A Helper to display an object or scene

viewport.Viewport(renderer[, rect])

A rectangular area on a renderer.


Storage and discovery of text glyphs.


The enums used in pygfx.


Predefined Colormaps.

Transform classes

These classes are used internally to create an intuitive API to transform WorldObjects ( and obj.local). They are listed here for completeness and you will likely never have to instantiate them directly.

transform.AffineBase(*[, reference_up, ...])

Base class for affine transformations.

transform.AffineTransform([matrix, ...])

A single affine transform.

transform.RecursiveTransform(matrix, /, *[, ...])

A transform that may be preceded by another transform.